Weather and Medical Policy

Adverse Weather Policies

The Amway River Bank Run and/or Amway Junior will be canceled or delayed if any of the following weather conditions exist: Tornado Warning, Tornado Watch, Thunderstorm, "Heavy" Rain

The start of any of the events can be delayed one hour from the posted start time if any of the above mentioned conditions exist.

The events may be canceled if one of the following weather conditions exist: Tornado Warning, Tornado Watch or Thunderstorm Warning

Event officials, along with local law enforcement reserve the right to delay, cancel or suspend any events in accordance with Emergency Protocol on severe emergencies and/or inclement weather.  If threatening weather conditions force cancellation of the event, no refunds will be provided and race services will cease.


Amway Junior 
NEWSRADIO WOOD 1300 AM & 106.9 FM, the event staff and announcers will communicate any delay and/or cancellation

Amway River Bank Run 
NEWSRADIO WOOD 1300 AM & 106.9 FM, WOTV4, event staff and announcers will communicate the delay and/or cancellation  If event is canceled more than 24 hours prior to the start time,  we will also post on Facebook and all participants will be notified by email.

Event Alert System

The Event Alert System (EAS) communicates the status of course conditions on event day. The levels range from Low (green) to Moderate (yellow) to High (red) to Extreme (black) based on a variety of factors, including weather conditions.

  • Email and website communications during event week will inform participants of the current Event Alert System status and provide preparation tips based on advance weather forecasts.
  • Updates will be made at the Sports & Fitness Expo at the Welcome Center, Event Check In area and public address announcements.
  • On event day, the current EAS status will be communicated via public address announcements and color-coded signs/flags at the start and finish lines and along the course at aid stations. 
  • Event Alert System table.

All participants should familiarize themselves with the EAS prior to event day, remain alert for directions from event officials and announcers and take precautions to prepare properly for varying weather conditions.

Medical Policies

In an effort to make the Amway River Bank Run safe and enjoyable, please read the following medical guidelines carefully. It is important that participants attempting to participate be adequately prepared. Participants who have not prepared themselves with proper training should not attempt the 25K course.

If medical attention is required on the event course or at the finish line, medical staff is available to treat minor injuries and provide basic support. Insurance liabilities mandate that should a participant require and consent to an IV for fluid replacement or treatment of serious injuries, they must be transported to a local hospital at their own expense. Therefore, we urge you to abide by the following guidelines to prevent the need for such treatment.

PREVENTION OF PHYSICAL PROBLEMS: Avoid exercising to exhaustion within the week preceding your event. Remember, you will be participating on yesterday's meals. Avoid fatty foods on event day. Athletes are encouraged to consume carbohydrates for 3-4 days prior to completion of their event.

Pre-run warm-up should be followed by stretching exercises of the calf, hamstring, quadriceps, groin and trunk muscles. If you begin to feel muscle tightness or cramps during your event, stop and stretch.

Blisters can be prevented by wearing well-fitted, broken-in shoes and soft light-weight socks. Remove pebbles immediately. Toenails should be trimmed. If you feel a hot spot developing, stop at an Aid Station for care.

Chafing occurs where clothing rubs against the skin. Chafing can be prevented by wearing loose-fitting clothing and applying petroleum jelly (available at a pre-event Aid Station on Monroe Avenue north of the starting line) or apply protective bandaging to susceptible areas such as nipples, armpits, neckline, groin and feet.

You will be one of many participants, so run/walk defensively. Watch out for other participants and yield if necessary.

PACE YOURSELF. Don't burn yourself out by starting too quickly. Common sense is the key.

FLUID REPLACEMENT: Maintenance of adequate hydration is the most important preventive measure. However, when exercising in hot weather consider the following:

  • Don't over drink. In longer runs/walks, sweat, which contains both water and electrolytes, is lost. Both need to be replaced to avoid medical complications. To avoid this, we suggest the following:
    1. Drink 16 oz of fluid 1-2 hours prior to starting your event
    2. Drink another 8-16 oz ½ hour prior to your event
    3. During your event, drink no more than 3-6 oz per mile (3 oz if you weigh about 100 lbs or 6 oz if you weigh about 200 lbs).
  • Adjust the rate of fluid intake to event pace: slower event pace=slower drinking rate (8 min pace: 10-12 oz/20 min) (9-10 min pace: 8 oz/20 min) (over 10 min pace: 4-6 oz/20 min).
  • There are many Aid Stations along the event course, you do not have to drink at each one
  • Consider using a sports drink (such as Gatorade) to replenish fluid - it has electrolytes in it
  • Water will be available at the Pre-Event Aid Station just outside of DeVos Place on both sides on Monroe Ave
  • Water and Gatorade are available at every 25K Aid Station, located at 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5 and 14.5 miles
  • Ice and orange slices will be added after the 25K half-way point near Veterans Memorial Drive and Butterworth Ave

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Be cautious about taking anti-inflammatory (Motrin, Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve) 24 hours prior to your event. During exercise, the kidneys play a key role in regulating electrolytes to prevent dehydration. Anti-inflammatory affect the kidneys ability to regulate these electrolytes and may cause other medical problems. Taking Tylenol is okay.

INFORMATION:  Located in DeVos Place at the Welcome Center where staff can contact the Medical Area (located near Pearl/Monroe for the whereabouts of any participants that have dropped out or have been transported to a hospital. PLEASE INFORM FAMILY OR FRIENDS OF YOUR PARTICIPANT NUMBER AS THIS WILL ASSIST IN FINDING YOU IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY.