Tips from Nutrilite and XS Sports Nutrition


Not getting enough sun? Learn how – and why – to boost your vitamin D 

Especially in the winter months, life happens indoors. That means, like most people around the world, you’re probably not getting enough sunlight to provide your body with the vitamin D it needs to thrive. (read more)

Make yourself stronger: Building lean muscle gives you a boost

In the workout world, sometimes it can feel like you’re bombarded with tips and tricks for the latest fad diet or exercise shortcut. (read more)

What’s in your supplement?

Many athletes add supplements or sports nutrition drinks to their diet to ensure proper nutrition, boost performance, and help with recovery. But how can you be sure you’re getting safe, high quality ingredients? Do you know what to look for when you read the label so you’re not getting banned or illegal substances? (read more)


Tips to Achieve and Maintain Physical Wellness
As the Amway River Bank Run gets closer, we hope you’re getting ready for the race of your choice. As you consider your distance, you may wonder if a marathon runner and someone running just one mile both be considered physically well. According to Bob Tully at the Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health, a certified personal fitness trainer, the answer is yes! (read more)

Good nutrition can support your physical goals
Sorry to tell you, but there are no quick fixes that magically lead to nutritional wellness. Years of research shows it comes down to using moderation and making good choices like maintaining a diet rich in lean proteins and plant foods (particularly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and healthy oils) with limited sweets. (read more)

What’s your good-health goal?
It’s good to have goals related to your health. It’s well-documented that when you eat right and exercise, you can look good and feel great. Different goals require different strategies. It’s best to look beyond the “one size fits all” approach…. To create your own customized path, starting with what you eat and drink. (read more)

Better protection and recovery for your joints
Joints are one area of the body that get a lot of attention when it comes to exercise. They also play an important role in everyday life -- think about climbing the stairs, typing on the keyboard, chopping vegetables for dinner and getting in and out of the car.    (read more)

A healthy diet is an essential part of your training
While training, it’s important to pay attention to your diet. Five daily servings of brightly colored fruits and vegetables is recommended to give your body vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients with head-to-toe benefits. (read more)