Corporate Challenge

Are your employees up for the challenge?

Many companies today are making acommitment to help their employees live a healthy lifestyle.   Amway River Bank Run is looking to find the companies most committed to employee health and wellness. The Corporate Challenge uses the 25K, 10K, 5K Run and 5K Community Walk as a way for employees to get active, have fun and compete.

Gather your co-workers and join the Challenge by creating a team that will participate in any event on Saturday, May 9.  The team’s combined efforts (total employees participating vs. company size) will determine the Corporate Challenge winners.  Plus, all members enjoy Event Day Hospitality in DeVos Place.  The deadline to register for your team is Tuesday, May 5 at 11:59p (edt).

To even the playing field, teams will compete for a trophy in categories based on the size of the company; small (0-25), medium (26-100) and large (101+).   The Corporate Challenge social group with the most participation will host the Traveling Trophy for one year!

Corporate Challenge Social Group winner will be announced the week of May 11!

Request a Toolkit

1st Step for the Captain/Administrator
  •  Request a toolkit with information on how to set up a Corporate Challenge team to engage employees including registration discounts and wellness opportunities

2nd Step for Captain/Administrator
  • Set up your team (a complimentary entry code and instructions on how to set up your team will be emailed after submitting the toolkit request – please allow 24-48 hours)

3rd Step for the Captain/Administrator
  • You will receive a Communication Template (to help you communicate instructions on how to register and join the team)

Corporate Challenge Virtual Toolkit: