West Michigan Trails & Greenways Coalition

West Michigan Trails & Greenways Coalition (WMTG) is committed to developing a non-motorized, connected trail system. We work to build a system that links urban and rural communities, protects habitats and natural areas, and provides active and alternative transportation options linking people with services and attractions throughout West Michigan. We serve as a resource, consultant, advocate, liaison, and developer for grassroots trail groups and communities wishing to establish a trail in their area. We work with state & local governments, foundations, corporate partners, and private donors to find funding and manage a realistic plan for the development and maintenance of trails. There are more than 850 miles of West Michigan trails (40 percent of all the trails in Michigan), and WMTGC has played a role in nearly half of those miles. We believe that by connecting our communities and rural areas, we can reconnect with each other, and build something sustainable for future generations to enjoy.

Although we help local groups and governments apply for State and Federal funding, we receive no public funding.  We rely on the generous support of people like you to keep our mission alive!  We hope you will join us by choosing to raise money for West Michigan Trails as part of your River Bank Run experience. 

Join our team and receive a welcome packet of fundraising tips and tricks, social media downloadable packet to share your goals with friends, and training support.  AND,

Raise $100

  • Also receive an “I LOVE MI Trails!” t-shirt

Raise $250

  • Also receive a custom racing jersey

Raise $500

  • Also receive an “I LOVE MI Trails!” sweatshirt

Raise $1,000

  • Also receive a runners-essentials gift basket

Celebrate 45 years of the Amway River Bank Run  by running for West Michigan Trails and Greenway Coalition