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Don’t Whip It: When heel whip can lead to injury

Remember the hit song “Whip it” by Devo? It is a catchy pop song (and a great running song, in my opinion) released in 1980 that has the repetitive lyric, “Whip it, whip it good.”  When I watch athletes run and, more specifically, observe how their heels move after pushing off, this song sometimes comes to mind.  “Whipping it” is not always a good thing, especially regarding heel whip(read more)

Crossing Up Your Routine

The crisp breeze on your face, the rhythmic strike of your feet, the beating of your heart and the fresh air flowing through your lungs while beads of sweat flow down your brow. These are some of the simple pleasures of running. (read more)

Exercise Benefits Body and Mind
Everyone knows that exercise benefits the body. We exercise to stay in shape, lose weight and maintain overall health. Exercise also is associated with decreased rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke and even cancer. But did you know there are many other benefits to exercise that are not directly related to your physical health? (read more)

Keep on Rolling: The Pros and Cons of Foam Rollers
Runners strive for peak performance in training and competition. Whether they are maintaining a specific diet, training program or brand of shoe, runners are very much creatures of habit. One common practice is foam rolling. (read more)

Supplement Your Healing from an Injury
In a perfect world, we would all be able to run and exercise to our heart’s content.  However, pain and injuries happen to even the most elite athletes.  That’s when runners may hear the words they never want to hear from their health care professional:  I would recommend that you do not run at this time. (read more)

Running on plants: A Culinary Medicine approach for athletes
An optimal diet for maximizing athletic performance in endurance sports should do the following:  (read more)

A Secret Ingredient to Boost Performance
Every runner is looking for an edge when it comes to competition or just a daily run.  Even small factors can make the difference between a “good” or “bad” run.  These include sleep, diet, hydration and stress, to name a few. Athletes may notice that if part of their daily routine is off, training may be more difficult. (read more)

Relax, Refresh, Renew
It was an absolutely beautiful day for the 42nd Amway River Bank Run. (read more)

Race Day is Near, Are You Ready?
You are just days away from the 42nd running of the Amway River Bank Run.  All of your hard work, training and dedication will culminate on May 11th in the largest 25K in the country.   (read more)

Stress fractures: Should it hurt like this when I run?
We are only a few weeks away from the Amway River Bank Run and the culmination of all of your hard work over the past several months.  (read more)

Keeping Your Feet on the Road
We are quickly approaching the Amway River Bank Run! It is hard to believe that the race is only about a month away.  (read more)

The Bane of Many Runners: The Iliotibial Band
We have been seeing many runners in clinic and at training runs who are experiencing lateral thigh and leg pain. (read more)

Painful Yet Treatable: The Infamous Runner’s Knee
Knee pain is one of the most prevalent complaints of pain among runners.   (read more)

Wanted:  Pain-Free Feet and Ankles
The foot and ankle have more than 26 bones and 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.  (read more)

The Weather Can Be Delightful, not Frightful
Running in the cold offers many challenges, including ice, snow, windchill and, here in Michigan, diminished daylight and sunshine. (read more)

Running: Starting with the Basics
The first Amway River Bank Run training run at the David D. Hunting YMCA in downtown Grand Rapids takes place on December 1.   (read more)

Shorten Your Stride to Decrease Injuries
I see many runners in my clinic who have sustained overuse injuries. (read more)

Running or Walking to a Healthier You
Many of you have been running or walking as exercise for years; others may have just started, and still others are likely thinking about initiating an exercise program.  (read more)

More Than Just Running: Yoga and Pilates
Running is great form of exercise.  (read more)

Watch out for the summer heat!
Congratulations to all of you who participated in the 5/3 River Bank Run!  (read more)

Hydration:  A Key to Success
Water. The human body is 55-65 percent water.   (read more)

Ready, Set, Go!
I am excited about race day, but I would not be surprised if many participants are feeling a combination of excitement and nervousness.  (read more)

The Countdown is on...
Race day is just over a month away! (read more)

A Strong Finish Requires Proper Nutrition
As race day nears, we get a lot of questions on diet. (read more)

Shin Pain: When Should You Worry?
There is a lot more to running than just putting one foot in front of the other.  (read more)