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Running: Starting with the Basics
The first Amway River Bank Run training run at the David D. Hunting YMCA in downtown Grand Rapids takes place on December 1.  I am sure we will see many familiar faces there, but there will also be others who have decided to train for their first race. (read more)

Hydration:  A Key to Success
Water. The human body is 55-65 percent water.  We consume water on a daily basis and in many forms.  Sometimes we drink a lot and sometimes we may not consume as much as we need.  (read more)

Shin Pain: When Should You Worry?
There is a lot more to running than just putting one foot in front of the other.  In a normal running gait, a multitude of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments work together to provide a fluid movement. But sometimes mechanical changes can cause injury and contribute to pain.  (read more)

More Than Just Running: Yoga and Pilates
Running is great form of exercise. In addition to its many health benefits, running offers stress relief after a long day at work or a challenging day with the kids. However, running may not be all you need in your exercise routine.  (read more)