Sports & Fitness Expo Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Friday, May 10;  11a-8p
DeVos Place (303 Monroe Ave)
Halls A and B

The Amway River Bank Run Sports & Fitness Expo is held in conjunction with Event Check In/Late Registration.  12,000+ participants with family and friends attended the 2018 Expo that featured Amway product sampling, Perrin Beer Garden, River Bank Run SHOP, Photo Booth experience, selfie stations and over 90 vendors displaying the latest in running trends, fashions and goods.  Admission is free and open to the public.

Load in:               Friday, May 10, 6a–10a
Show:                  Friday, May 10, 11a-8p
Load out:            Friday, May 10, 8p–11p

BOOTH PRICE (MUST be paid by April 26 to Amway River Bank Run)
10’ x 10’ booth               $550
Not-for-profit rate           $450

The Expo Package includes a 10’ x 10’ area, one 8’ skirted table, two chairs, draped side rails and background.  A listing of all vendors and booth numbers will be displayed throughout the Expo. 

We encourage you to consider featuring offers that will motivate attendees to visit your booth.  Your business name, exhibit theme and booth number will be included in our Expo program, distributed at the entrance of the show.  Additionally, we can help increase traffic to your booth through daily show announcements. Please consider:

  • Distributing a premium item such as ink pen, water bottle or towel
  • Rent a popcorn machine (attendees will follow the smell)
  • Register-to-win products, services or gift certificates. Exhibitor is solely responsible for complying with all with all applicable laws


A digital way to deliver valuable sponsor content without the hassle or unnecessary printing.  For only $350 – create your own digital placement and include a traditional coupon, online code or simple advertisement to be delivered to all event participants and volunteers.  A reduced rate of $850 ($700 not-for-profit) is offered for an Expo Booth/ Virtual Event Bag. For more information and/or to complete the online submission, please click here.

Questions?  Please email

Amway River Bank Run Friday, May 10, 2019 - 11a-8p DeVos Place, 303 Monroe Ave., Grand Rapids MI 49503
Today's date
Exhibitor will be offering the above mentioned goods and/or services at the Amway River Bank Run Sports & Fitness Expo booth on Friday, May 10, 2019

Hereinafter called ("Exhibitor") and Amway River Bank Run. The parties to this contract agree as follows:

1. The Exhibitor shall pay the sum of $550 ($450 not-for-profit) per booth upon the electronic signature of this Agreement (Exhibitor fee). 2. In consideration for payment of the Exhibitor fee, Amway River Bank Run hereby grants Exhibitor the right to participate in the Sports & Fitness Expo. Exhibitors will derive benefit in the form of public exposure to their products and services. 3. The Exhibitor will receive a 10’ x 10’ booth space, which includes draped side rails and background, skirted table, and two chairs. The Exhibitor will also be provided with the opportunity for placement in the Virtual Event Bags for participants and volunteers at a reduced rate. Additional needs (such as electrical outlets) will be arranged at Exhibitor’s expense through DeVos Place and/or Art Craft, the Expo Contractor. 4. The Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Amway River Bank Run, DeVos Place, its agents, employees and contractors, against any and all costs and liabilities of every kind without limitation arising from use or occupancy of the space. 5. The Exhibitor shall comply with all rules and regulations of the Amway River Bank Run and DeVos Place, which govern the exhibition, including those concerning assembling and dismantling of exhibits and conduct of Exhibitor’s contractors, employees and patrons. 6. Amway River Bank Run reserves the right to review and pre-approve all participant exhibits and deny or limit the participation of any Exhibitor. In the event Exhibitor’s participation is denied, this Agreement shall terminate and said Exhibitor shall waive any claim for damages or compensation, except the prorated return of the amount paid after deduction of actual expenses incurred by the Amway River Bank Run in connection with the exhibition and there shall be no further liability on the part of either party. Any illegal, offensive, or vulgar materials or products shall not be displayed. Exhibitor further agrees not to display any intellectual property owned by third parties without the express written consent of said parties. 7. Exhibitor agrees to staff their booth area during show hours (11a – 8p) and will begin booth/ exhibit tear down only after the show closes at 8p. 8. No refunds will be given for cancellation. 9. This contract contains the entire agreement of the parties and may not be altered or modified in any way unless duly endorsed in writing hereon. This contract shall only be effective upon execution of the Amway River Bank Run. 10. Exhibitor shall maintain appropriate business liability insurance. Such claims shall include, but shall not be limited to, claims of contractual liability, independent contractors and personal injury. Such policy should incorporate the Amway River Bank Run and DeVos Place as additional insured.