i understand


We believe in a future where the stigma associated with mental/brain health illnesses is erased. 

Mission Statement:

Providing compassionate comfort and understanding to those affected by suicide and or mental/brain health illnesses and pain.

What We Believe:

  1. i understand suicide is an effect of illness or pain
  2. i understand mental/brain health illnesses are treatable and preventable
  3. i understand stigma is the #1 reason why someone would not seek treatment for mental/brain illness; education and awareness are vital to saving and changing lives
  4. i understand reaching out to those who are suffering could save a life; let someone know you are available and treat them with respect and compassion
  5. i understand most people who are suicidal do not want to die; they want their pain to end
  6. i understand speaking out about suicide may empower others to share their stories
  7. i understand feelings of guilt are part of the grieving process on the way to finding peace and acceptance
  8. i understand those who die by suicide do make it to heaven

i understand is passionate about changing the conversation and narratives surrounding suicide/mental brain health illnesses. That is why we bring the conversations to everyday places like Helen DeVos Children's Hospital(first in the country nurse specializing in Mental Health and a sensory room for children at risk of harming themselves), Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (The Door is Always Open sculpture), Biggby Coffee (buy one, give one to start the conversation) Meijer (Meijer Brain Health Minutes, tee shirts in stores) and more!


We are excited to offer incentives to our RBR i understand participants. We will have shirt give-a-ways for early registrations, swag for dollars raised, training walks and runs held on Sundays, a stretch clinic, and most exciting a welcome area on race day with water, snacks, and encouragement from other runners/walkers.