Over 80,000 kids in West Michigan receive free and reduced lunch at school five days a week. That is equivalent to 1,112 school buses each filled to capacity. What about the weekend?  Imagine 1,112 school buses of hungry kids every weekend in West Michigan. Hand2Hand exists because a hungry child hurts and the weekend - a 68-hour gap - is one of the most vulnerable times for a child who experiences food insecurity. Childhood hunger has adverse effects on kids physically, emotionally, academically, and socially. Hunger can also hinder a child from reaching his/her full God-given potential and break the cycle of poverty as an adult.

Hand2Hand delivers nutritious food to students over the weekends and extended school breaks by mobilizing churches, schools, individuals, foundations, and businesses to join together, providing hope and opportunity to thrive. Hand2Hand’s vision is to eliminate weekend childhood hunger in West Michigan and we believe that together we can... as local communities come together to ensure every child has food placed directly into his / her hand for the weekend. Hand2Hand began feeding 19 students at one school in Jenison, Michigan in 2008. Currently, we are serving approximately 8,000 students in 242 schools, ages 3-18, in eight counties in West Michigan.  Join the over 5,880 volunteers who drive the Hand2Hand grassroots movement... because a hungry child hurts.

Raise $100 and receive:
♦ A Hand2Hand T-shirt

Raise $500 and receive:
♦ A Hand2Hand Running Jersey – OR – A long-sleeve Hand2Hand Shirt
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Raise $1,000 and receive:
♦ Hand2Hand engraved Yeti Rambler 18oz Bottle
♦ And all of the above


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