GM – 25K Training Begins

As we get ready for winter in Michigan, spring is around the corner … And time to think about getting ready for the greatest race in Michigan, the Amway River Bank Run!   Training guides are available online …a training program for about every level and talent. Also, we have our first training run on Saturday, December 1 – 8a at the David D. Hunting YMCA in downtown GR.  A short talk followed by a nice run…followed by me leaving for Hawaii and the Honolulu Marathon! Yes, hate me if you must, but someone needs to go every year and remind those Hawaiians how lucky they are!

Remember to dress warm and in layers…choose your running routes with care as the snow piles up and run with some people! We don’t all bite…but if you don’t train, the 25K will certainly take a bite out of you!

See you on the Y on the 1st