Elite Athletes


Are you an Elite Athlete Interested in Competing with us Saturday, October 23?

Consistently ranked as one of the premier road racing events in the United States, the Amway River Bank Run is the site of the Men’s 25K American and Course record (1:13:47; 2019); Women’s 25K American record (1:24:36; 2012) and former Men’s 25K World record (1998). The 25K has been the site of the USA 25 km Open Championships since 1995.  As well as 10K and 5K USATF certified courses.

Qualifications for Elite Status

  • Past River Bank Run winners
  • Athletes previously placing high in the USA 25 km Open Championships division, or River Bank Run Open division
  • Athletes placing high in other USA Championship events
  • Athletes who are part of the U.S. Distance Runners Development program
  • Last day to qualify is Friday, Friday, October 8

Benefits to selected Elite Athletes 

  • Complimentary entry into the Amway River Bank Run
  • Athlete must attend elite athlete meetings and/or Press Conference
  • Passes to VIP event
  • Access to the elite team suite pre-post event for refreshments
  • Access to the elite hospitality tent with gear check and refreshments

Contact Greg Meyer, Elite Athlete Recruiter, with a list of your qualifications

Prize Purse

Virtual Maps (via RaceJoy)

After registering, download, complete and return a W-9 (American Athlete) or w-8 (International Athlete) to

Amway River Bank Run
Elite Athletes
PO Box 2194
Grand Rapids MI  49501-2194

Failure to provide the documentations early will result in a delay in awarding prize money

USA 25 km Open Championships

The USA 25 km Open Championships are open to U.S. citizens 14 years of age or older as of race day. USATF membership and eligibility to represent the United States in international competition are additional requirements. Complete the  USATF membership number field when you register.

Women participating in the USATF 25 km Championships for prize money, USATF Running Circuit points or finish placing, along with invited international female Elite athletes, will participate in the early start at 8:19a. 

Men participating in the USATF 25 km Championships for prize money USATF Running Circuit points or finish placing, along with invited international male Elite athletes and the rest of the Amway River Bank Run 25K field will start at 8:30a.

Women participating in the early start will check in at the start corral at the 25K starting line on Monroe Avenue at Lyon no later than 8a. Women participating in the USATF 25 km Championships and invited female Elite athletes will not qualify for prize money or USATF Running Circuit points at the Amway River Bank Run if not participate in the early start.

The Amway River Bank Run is part of the USA Running Circuit, a USA Track and Field road series (USATF). For information on joining USATF, please call Jacqueline DeVose, USATF Michigan Association president, at (313) 934-0126.

Drug Testing Statement 

Athletes who participate in this competition are subject to drug testing in accordance with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Protocol for Olympic Movement Testing (USADA Protocol). Testing may take place after any preliminary, qualifying, or final round. USADA will be responsible for conducting comprehensive drug testing, as well as the adjudication of positive findings.

Athletes selected for doping control are required to sign a testing notification form by the assigned doping control chaperone, who will remain with each athlete until she or he arrives at the doping control testing center. Athletes have one hour from the time of notification before they must report to the doping control testing center. Once athletes complete the drug testing process, they are free to leave. Athletes with positive drug test results will have their cases adjudicated according to the USADA Protocol and will be penalized, if appropriate, according to applicable IAAF or World Anti-Doping Agency rules.

Such penalties may include, but not be limited to, a period of ineligibility from competition, as well as disqualification from past competitions and cancellation of awards and prizes previously awarded. Any substance taken by an athlete is at his/her own risk and may result in a positive sample.

BEWARE: some nutritional supplements, prescription, cold medicines and over-the-counter medications contain prohibited substances. Information regarding specific drugs and substances may be obtained by calling the USADA Drug Reference Line at 800-233-0393 within the U.S., 719-785-2020 outside the U.S. or at www.usantidoping.org.