Conductive Learning Center

Conductive Learning Center of North America A place where children with motor disorders gain independence and confidence. The Conductive Learning Center of North America (CLC) exists to support children and young adults with motor disorders related to complications of premature birth, Cerebral Palsy, SpinaBifida, or brain injury through the conductive education premise. Conductive education is a combination of teaching and medical knowledge that facilitates the formation of new neural connections for mobility and control, allowing participants to perform tasks that were once impossible – sitting in a chair, eating, tying shoes.  Individual results achieved are nothing short of lifechanging. Students learn to walk, prepare their own meals, use the toilet and shower, feed themselves, and many other accomplishments. A positive, can-do attitude, increased self-esteem, and confidence are other direct results for students who participate in CLC’s program.  The vision of CLC is that every child living with a motor disability has the tools and education needed to be healthy, confident, self-reliant, and achieve a joy-filled and rewarding life. As a supporter of Team CLC, you can be a beacon of hope for students living with motor challenges and their families. Your support today will go directly to CLC's Champion a Child Scholarship
Fund which provides financial assistance to families who wish to take advantage of our services but would otherwise be unable to due to financial limitations.  To Join Team CLC and receive the benefits, make a donation of $25 or more today and transform lives!

Team CLC Member Benefits:

  • Team CLC T-Shirt
  • Tour of CLC (after lift of social distancing restrictions)
  • Good Bag including snacks, water, swag, and more!
  • Post-Race Team CLC Celebration Invitation

If you would like to learn more about our organization, visit our website at:

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