Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County

One in ten children in Kent County will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday.  The Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County is a child-centered organization that coordinates the community response to child sexual abuse.   Since 1993, thousands of children and families have come to the Children’s Advocacy Center to seek healing and justice.  We bring together under one roof all the resources an abused child might need, from child protective services to law enforcement to medical professionals and therapists, and provide them at no cost to the family.

We also provide body safety education to over 23,000 students in grades K-4 through the Kids Have Rights program. Trained educators visit students in their classrooms to provide an informative lesson about body safety and resources for parents and caregivers to continue the conversation at home.

Every day three to four new children come to our center where it is our priority to hear their story, heal their pain, and halt the cycle of sexual abuse in their life.

Anyone who runs, walks, or fundraises on our behalf will receive:

  • A CAC moisture wicking training shirt

Raise $250 and receive:

  • A  CAC water bottle

Raise $500 and receive:

  • A CAC towel

Raise $1000 and receive:

  • Pre-race dinner and tour