8:30 Minute Pace Leaders

Charles Fritz

I love to Pace all types of running races for both races and individuals. My greatest accomplishment in running is helping others achieve their goals. I take great pride in pacing races, staying at a steady pace and having fun all at the same time. I have been running for 6 years now, have complete dozens of half’s, fulls, 50k’s, 50 milers and one 100k. Ran the Boston marathon twice. I run races with a great group of friends and travel for races frequently.

Mary Hunter

I've never considered myself much of a runner. Growing up, I was a swimmer and a rower and running was always the torture that coach assigned you for cross training. I thought running was dumb and boring. Little did I know that I would be bit by the running bug in 2012. The rest is history. Since 2012, I have completed close to 100 races in distances that range from 5ks to marathons to 200 mile relays. I have been the novice runner, the mother runner, the slow runner, the fast runner, the injured runner, the wise runner, the hopeless runner, AND the hopeful runner. That girl from pre-2012 would never recognize the runner I have become. Seven marathons, including the Boston Marathon and the Chicago Marathon. Nine 200 mile relays. Ten 1/2 marathons (and as a pacer for 2 of them). Four 5/3 River Bank Runs (one I ran while severely injured and still pulled off a PR!). And handfuls and fistfuls of 5ks and 10ks to boot. And the one thing that ignited all of this was when one friend said to me, "You could run the 5/3 River Bank Run 25k in under 2 hours. You could make the 2 Hour Club." Of course I knew what the River Bank Run was but I had no idea what the 2 Hour Club was. So as soon as my daughter was born in 2013, I made it my mission to join the 2 Hour Club. I lived and breathed 5/3 River Bank Run in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, running sub 2 in three of those races. I have always loved this race. And I want to share that love with other runners, especially as a pacer, someone who can guide and help other runners achieve their goals. There is no better feeling than when another runner thanks you for pacing them and helping them PR. And a PR at the Amway River Bank Run is huge. I want to be a pacer for the Amway River Bank Run because this race is so iconic to West Michigan and is the reason I became a runner in the first place.

Melissa Hunter

As an athlete myself, I have experienced the ups and downs and injuries an athlete goes through. Through my own sheer determination, I ran my fastest marathon time ever in 2017 at a 3.26.42 and I completed my first Ironman in Louisville 13 hours and 18 minutes ALL in the same year. So whatever goal you set forth it is achievable BUT always remember to enjoy the journey.

What makes River Bank Run amazing is to see the athletes commitment and goals they set forth for themselves. As a pacer, it's my job to be that inspirational motivator for each athlete. It's my commitment to see each athlete through those tough times to cross the finish line with the biggest smile ever on their faces.

John Pauly

 I started running in 2010 to lose weight and get in shape. What started with a 5K eventually turned into marathon running. In 2018 I ran my 7th marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon. Running has helped give me a better and healthier life. I look forward to helping River Bank runners reach their goal pace come May 11!