8:00 Minute Pace Leaders

Mark Magyar

In 2014, the River Bank Run was my first run of any meaningful distance. I struggled to finish in 2:16, about 8:47 per mile. But even through the pain of those last three miles I became addicted to running. I didn't give up trying to get better and never will. This will now be my sixth straight River Bank, and I've managed to shave about half an hour off my first time over the years. Running has changed my life by giving me an active lifestyle that I didn't really have before, and it also got me into other types of fitness and strength training in order to improve my race times. My first full marathon was the 2015 Chicago Marathon, and now the 2019 Boston Marathon will be marathon number 9 in the last 3.5 years. I have been helped along the way immeasurably by trainers, friends, and pacers, and I'm at a point where I would really like to give back as a pacer and help others achieve their race goals. After my first River Bank Run I didn't think I would ever be a member of the the 2 hour club, and I remember thinking it would be an amazing accomplishment. Now, having made the club 3 straight years by a pretty wide margin each time, I'd be blessed to have the chance to help others meet their River Bank goals!

Michael Oren

17 years ago I prefaced that I wanted to run an ironman triathlon and an ultra marathon with don't laugh- as I could not run 5 miles without stopping. It was a long but rewarding journey to complete 3 ironman, 5 half ironman, and 3 ultra marathons in the years that followed. Running at long distances can be a lonely soul searching journey and hard to find similar journeymen/women. I've now paced around 15 various Marathons, 25k's, half marathons and found pacing has been a great opportunity to give back connect and share success with others on their own journey whether it's there first time or their 40th+ time.

Scott Perkins

I love being a pacer, it gives me a chance to meet runners from all backgrounds and experience levels. The pacer for the first marathon I ran was pivotal in keeping me going and pushing through some tough spots. Getting to part of someone's race experience is a lot of fun and memorable when they reach their goals. I've ran everything from Ultra marathons to 5k's and enjoy the group support and effort you tend to get on the longer races.

Scott VanLoo

While running is a big passion of mine, pacing races to help individuals achieve that goal that they set out for, that is what drives me to volunteer for these events. If you're looking for someone to entertain you while you push through that wall...I'm here for you! I started running in 2010 to help shed the weight and now 76 marathons later I've running with you to that finish line. Looking forward to meeting many of you on that race morning as we cruise through the streets trails of GR.