7:30 Minute Pace Leaders

Shawn Dennany

I ran track in high school and thought I left running back there. 8 years later I’d accepted a challenge to run the River Bank Run 10k. After that race I was hooked and now continue to figure out how to get the best out of myself and others.

Running has become more about my community and less about my time.

Evan Groendyk

I am excited to give back to the running community and help people accomplish their goals this year! The 7:30 pace group is going to be a fun one.



Kyle Snell

I was a pacer at the 2017 RBR (7:30 pace) and really enjoyed the experience. I have done 10+ marathons, and my boston PR in 2015 was 2:58. Also, I began pacing races in about 2014 at the Capitol City River Half marathon in Lansing, MI. I have paced various races since then including pacing for the Capitol City Marathon and the Akron Marathon. I feel it is an honor and privilege to pace a run. Having an opportunity to serve others is something I truly take privilege in. One of my favorite pacing stories was at the Capitol City Marathon a couple years ago where I was running with a gentlemen in his 50's. I got to know him well during the race and he set a new PR at the race. Afterward he came up and thanked me for pacing him and told me he was so excited that he accomplished his goal, as he was running for his wife who recently passed away of breast cancer. It is touching stories like this as to why I love running AND pacing! I think of myself as a life coach and I thrive on encouraging others to try and live a healthy lifestyle both through exercise, healthy eating, and keeping a healthy mind. In my job as a family and sports medicine physician for spectrum health in Grand Haven, I am encouraged daily by people who make major life changes to accomplish their goals.