7:00 Minute Pace Leaders

Chris Gregory

I have been a marathoner & triathlete for 14 years. I've been a pace leader for over a decade, which has been quite an experience. For the marathon distance, I've been an official pace leader 60 times. I've paced the half/25k distance 30+ times. I've also been sponsored by Michelob Ultra Runners (2010-2016) and Team StellaFly (2016-present). My favorite part of race events is to be a pace leader - it's always a pleasure to help others reach their goals. It's very rewarding and exciting to hear the "thank you's" during and post-race, whether it's helping an athlete run a PR, BQ, debut marathon, or a sub-3:00 - it always feels awesome! For those who care, my PR is 2:37:32 (2010 Indy Monumental) and I've run 133 marathons (65 sub-3:00). I'm looking forward to pacing the River Bank Run 25k for my 6th time to help runners break 7:30-min mile!


Hank Risley

I truly enjoy distance running and appreciate the help that a pacer can provide during the race. My background reflects 15 years or so of consistent running, including 10 years of racing regularly. Perseverance and work helped me to achieve Michigan Runner of the Year and Michigan Masters Runner of the Year during that period. Heady days with lots of PR’s and high fives. I race less frequently today, but pace often and enjoy helping others achieve their best. I’m known to keep easy, light conversation going during the run and often come to pace with a portable speaker and tunes to help the group through the tough miles! I’m glad to be pacing with the group again and look forward to helping you reach your running goal!

Ben Semyen

I've been running and racing triathlon for over a decade. Every year I look forward to various pacing opportunities and the they provide to help others reach their goals while trying to distract them from the effort they're putting forth. Watching fellow runners work through race day challenges and come out on top is a great way to start a day.